{kathy and tiff}

Once upon a time, two high school seniors decided to attend a particular New Jersey university. Neither had knowledge of the other, or what was to come...


A chance meeting freshman year that eventually grew into a room mate-ship full of quirkiness and adventures, now, four years later, we are two very close friends who have started a blog together. Our goal is to document the little but important things in life that bring us joy: fashion, food, and fun. So peruse around as you will. We bid you, “Why, hello there!”

Kathy: (left) A girl who's not quite finished exploring yet. She is fond of raspberries, milk tea on a rainy day, a good dose of sarcasm, watching television, and the color green. "Four stars," says nobody!!!

Tiff: (right) A girl who’s heading into dentistry but greatly prefers to do DIY projects and copy Food Network recipes at home. Always looking for a bargain and a good eat, she loves exploring different places while taking in the sights and scenes.

Fun fact: “Lettuce Do It” is a homophone for “Let us do it” our version of YOLO and Carpe Diem. :)